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Personal Quote: "To think someone cold for their silence is to crudely narrow the great ambiguity of silence."

*Pokes screen* Wish that was your eye I just poked... O-o ...haha...bloody eye...heh... Alright I'm done...

I can be critical, and cynical, but that's ok. I'll play nice if I see you playing nice. I am also an 'it'; not an object, an 'it' - meaning I'm unusual, kay?

Like something in my gallery? Comment or ask questions!

I've got this itty bitty...tiny...really nonexistent tolerance for unnecessary rude language in comments, so don't try me folks. :)

Caution flags here; don't steal my art. I sign things more than once in subtle ways, I have the original files and pictures, and it makes a person a sad looser to commit art theft. Yep...a sad, sad looser. ...I just missed an opportunity to lay out some vulgar terms for thieves didn't I?

Favourite genre of music: Industrial
Favourite band: Lord of the Lost, Aesthetic Perfection (this will constantly change)
Favourite methods/styles: Realism, Hyper-Realism, Japanese Inking, Acrylic Painting, Traditional (non digital)
Favourite character(s): Prince Vegeta, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, "Eustass" Captain Kidd, Bullet-Tooth Tony

"To think someone cold for their silence is to crudely narrow the great ambiguity of silence."

If I haven't said 'hello' to you in a long while don't imagine right away that I've written you off. Silence is my way. In this way I keep my thoughts manageable. I don't exaggerate when I say that I never cease thinking. My head can only handle so many different things because it pays each of them a great amount of attention, like fixation. There is a limit to how much direct attention I can receive before going bonkers, and it seems to be getting lower. So there's a bit about me, personally.

The 'crude' is the bad cut of the steak. Not unusable but undesirable. No one can deny the bad cut's existence but its use should be carefully considered, especially when there is better meat for consumption.
Not everyone can have an eye for quality and depth.


Grimmjowes (WiP) by LotiCore
Grimmjowes (WiP)
This has long been just sitting around not getting colored. I still like the drawing but I feel pretty bad that I never use her in game character anymore. It's really...really sad. :/
Montal Kil by LotiCore
Montal Kil
Montal up close. It's natural among her Korzchaian people to only have one pupil - the color of it varies. I haven't decided what color hers should be.
Montal Kil by LotiCore
Montal Kil
She looks nude but she's not. Montal Kil, self changed name, was formerly 'Sezu Ima' a beautiful Korzchaian nobody of the planet Korzchai. Korexul language translates 'motal' to 'pain' and 'kil' to 'life'. One of the highest priorities of her people was to remain alive and kicking, not by pitiful standards. The planet of Korzchai imploded following a civil war; Montal and maybe .07 percent of other residents escaped with their lives in tact - fleeing to other planets.

Montal was an important member of the infamous Biohazard Organization/Order/Menace, located on Aacez, which Saypeth Celtic also belonged to. Montal was the only non-human member allowed into the Organization and a key mind behind the unique
performance enhancing injections used by each soldier in Biohazard.
Noon (WiP) by LotiCore
Noon (WiP)
This is how the coloring of that drawing is coming along. How am I going to survive his hood? How? Suppose I will just have to be in the mood for it that day.
Doing digital of these realisms hurts my eyes.

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- Overthrown - Prologue

Thunder boomed in the sky as lightning simultaneously streaked across the black/blue backdrop of Seattle. It had been raining for three days straight and streams of water ran like tiny rivers over the streets, congesting traffic and turning the everyday commute into a treacherous journey for the public. Maeson stood at the edge of a building where he had stopped to catch his breath, his Parkour training outfit now soaking wet. His hood hung low on his face, no longer protecting him from the weather... but it mattered little to him. It's not like he'd have to worry much about catching a cold after he completed the task he had come here to do.
Maeson stepped closer to the edge. The wind whipped around him, as if pulling him into the black depths of the alley way far below his feet. In that moment, a silence fell over the earth, even the rain died down momentarily. Streaks of moonlight burst through the jet black clouds, illuminating the city like a heavenly fortress at war with Hell.
Maeson reached into the front of his jacket, pulling the small jade pendant he always wore out and he put it to his lips, as if in prayer.
He grinned to himself as the irony of the moment dawned on him.
"The calm before the storm..."
His hands dropped to his sides, outstretched in acceptance, and with a final blast of wind, he dove from the roof. Maeson fell for a good forty feet before his back smashed into a stone figure jutting out of the building, snapping his spine into pieces and shattering his right arm as it slapped across the shoulder of the stone man. His body pin-balled from side to side, utterly destroying nearly every bone in his body as it crashed against anything and everything on it's way down. It was another 5 storeys before he hit the ground... and to Maeson's horror, he was still alive.
Adrenaline and shock numbed his tattered body, and somehow he made himself stand. He was in the middle of the street in front of the building, and in the dead of the night, he could see lights streaming through the darkness towards him.
Maeson tried to raise his arm and call out as the vehicle approached him, but the muscles in his shoulders and chest were almost nonexistent and his jaw hung dislocated and fractured below his face like a zombie. In the foggy black of the Seattle night, the driver of the truck didn't even see Maeson but for a split second before his body slammed against the grill of his small truck and flipped him through the air.
The man skidded to a stop and threw open his door. The rain began again, even harder than before. He didn't have to see Maeson up close to know the young man couldn't be alive, with the way his limbs lay disjointed and awkward like a ragdoll after it had been chewed to pieces by a dog. He ran back to his truck and sped off into the night. Maeson had thought he was dead... but somewhere deep inside him, his DNA was rapidly changing.
After an hour, a cop drove by and found him.
"Dear God..." the officer whispered. His hands scrambled with the radio on his shoulder as he ran to Maeson's side.
"I need a hearse... Elysium road, near the old school... young male, about 25. Appears to have been hit--YAAAAH!" The officer screamed aloud as Maeson's head turned and looked at him with a bloody glare.
"Jesus Christ, he's still alive... I need an ambulance here NOW!" The officer nearly dove onto Maeson, covering his broken body with his heavy police coat. "Stay with me, son!" Maeson could see the panic and fear in the man's eyes. The officer knew there was no hope for him, and yet he still ordered the ambulance. The way we struggle to prolong life... Maeson would've scoffed, if he could.
"Dispatch, where the fuck is that ambulance?!"
Maeson could hear sirens in the distance. The last thing he could remember seeing is streaks of red and blue light illuminating the rain drops as they came down upon him, like little missiles of light coming to claim his soul. Then there was nothing but darkness...
LotiCore Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My goodness that boy is resilient. I love this prologue! So this is a peek at just what Maeson is...hmm. The place where he's at seems rather gloomy. Three days, that's a lot of rain.
Asayamoto Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
A lot of rain, indeed! And there are reasons as to why he's so durable, heh. I can continue, if you like! There are about 4 or 5 more story parts before I stopped writing and started doing storyboards.
LotiCore Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh boy! I'd love to read more. :3
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Asayamoto Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've also posted that picture of the Sean, Zachs' brother, from that comment thread on his picture. I hope you like it!

:work: Work, work, work...
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